OpenPGP Key Information

If you’d like to

  • Verify a cryptographic signature that I made
  • Send me a file or an e-mail with end-to-end encryption, or
  • Allow me to SSH into your server (yeah, maybe don’t do that)

Then you’re in luck! This page contains the information you need to know about my OpenPGP key.

Public Key

If you’re only interested in downloading my public key, it can reliably be found in a few different places across the web:

No matter where you download my public key from, please make sure you confirm its fingerprint with other sources (e.g. my e-mail signature). It can also be useful to check my key’s page on Keyoxide, which allows you to verify that the key you import is the one associated with my various social media accounts.


The fingerprint for my OpenPGP key is:

# With spaces for easy reading:
AC1D 3FB1 E8A5 EB7D 14BD  587B 2932 C725 055A 90D8

# Without spaces for easy copying:

Deprecated RSA 4096 Key

Please read this post about my RSA 4096 key that I’m deprecating.